Bike Setup Service

Many patients who visit our clinics complain of back, neck and knee pain whilst riding their bike. Every individual, and their bike set, up will differ when it comes to cycling and bike ergonomics. There are several factors which must be taken into account, including the type of bike they have, the individual’s physical measurements and history of pre-existing injuries.

Some of our amateur riders who actually train probably as much as some elite athletes, tell us that if a bike saddle sits incorrectly it will impact greatly on their output, as well as how they feel on the bike. If you cycle regularly, be it commuting to and from work, weekend cycling, road cycling or mountain biking, we would highly recommend seeing our osteopath, Dean, who specialises in personal bike fits.

Initially, we will ask you to bring your bike in to one of our clinics where Dean will firstly assess your biomechanics off the bike to check for any leg length discrepancies or muscle imbalances. Your bike will then be fitted to a turbo trainer where he will observe you cycling. Measurements are then taken and corrections made, if necessary, to:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore and aft position
  • Cleat positioning
  • Knee alignment and tracking
  • Torso angle
  • Open shoulder angle (reach)

During the session Dean will also give you advice on exercises that may be required to improve efficiency and reduce discomfort on the bike. Normal cycling kit and shoes should be worn for the assessment and if you use clip-in pedals, then its important that you tell the clinic which system you use when booking the bike fit.

To learn more about how bike set up may benefit you, or to book an appointment, please contact one of our clinics by phone or email.

Correct bike set up helps:

  • Prevent lower back strain

  • Prevent postural problems

  • Prevent lower limb pain

  • Maximise performance and endurance

At 37, I thought my playing days were over, but I was referred to Carl who quickly diagnosed the injury as a long-standing back issue. Carl treated the problem quickly and effectively, resulting in me being able to play again almost immediately with better posture and ease of movement. I would recommend Carl and his clinic to anyone. I've already referred some team mates, who have been very impressed with Carl's professionalism and treatment.

Paul de la Salle