Physiotherapy in Swindon

Need to see a local physiotherapist? Carl Todd Clinics have a Physiotherapy Clinic in Swindon you can visit.

Physiotherapy - How can it help you?

People of all ages and activity levels can benefit from physiotherapy to help improve their quality of life and prevent future problems. Our physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential, helping to repair damage by speeding up the healing process, whilst reducing pain and stiffness.

Our physiotherapists team at our Swindon clinic encourage and support patients to return to normal following trauma, illness, surgery or disease. So whether your problem is a sprained ankle, back pain, sports injury, injury at work or any other condition, our physiotherapists can help you get better.

Price & appointments

Appointments available: Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm (times may vary)

Initial assessment: £80 (60 minutes)

Follow up: £56 (30 minutes)

Thanks is not enough …. you work miracles

I first visited Carl Todd Clinics 20 days after my 2nd major hip operation and did not know what to expect as had had 2 years of pain and suffering and had given up hope. I had 6 sessions and have gone from hardly being able to walk back to running which was something I thought I would never do again. I will always remember what you have done for me. I live in York and would travel to Swindon and if I ever needed physio again this would be the only place I would go.

Techniques Our Physiotherapists in Swindon Use

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