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Seeing your osteopath even when things are going well

One of the most common requests we get is something along the lines of “help, I’m broken, can you fix me?”, or words to that effect. Whilst we are delighted to do our best, and have many happy clients that can attest to our success, there is another way. For those who are prone to suffering from regular bouts of back, neck, knee or any pain, preventative treatment can help stop you breaking, improving your flexibility and strength, as well as your general wellbeing.

Preventative osteopathy

In the same way you get a car serviced regularly, before it breaks, preventative osteopathy treatments can help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Treatment plans are tailored to your needs, medical history, and any limitations in movement you may have. Some patients want to increase flexibility, which can often become more limited either with age or following injury. Athletes may want to develop certain muscle groups, or increase their range of specific movements. Many patients, who have suffered from recurrent musculoskeletal issues, find that proactive osteopathy sessions can dramatically improve their health and wellbeing, helping to avoid future injuries.

When should I stop osteopathy treatment?

It would be easy for us to say never, but that is not the case for everyone. After a successful series of osteopathy sessions, an injury is often only partially recovered, even though a patient may feel a great deal better. Stopping treatment before an injury is completely healed, and the underlying causes addressed, can quickly lead to a recurrence. Many patients find a good compromise is to reduce the amount of osteopathic treatment they receive, once things have dramatically improved, rather than stop altogether. This approach is particularly effective for those prone to minor and varied musculoskeletal issues. Some clients move from osteopathic treatment to ongoing sport massage treatments, for example, knowing they can switch back if injuries recur.

Treatments for the well

Many of the treatments that Carl Todd Clinics offer are aimed at those without injury, as well as those who are suffering.

Sports massage helps mobilise tissues that cannot be stretched using usual methods. It helps break down scar tissue that has resulted from injury or trauma, while assisting the body in the removal of waste products such as lactic acid. It encourages the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients to help them recover quicker. The techniques can be used by sports people both pre-event – to stimulate muscle action – and post-event/training, to aid recovery. It plays a huge role in injury prevention and rehabilitation following injury, and many athletes find it an important part of their training regime especially if used regularly.

Podiatry sessions can dramatically improve mobility and maintain fit, active, and pain-free feet and lower limbs. We use our feet in almost everything we do, so remember that prevention is always better than cure!

Osteopathy is a service we offer to a wide range of people, including professional athletes and national sports teams. We use a wide range of techniques including soft tissue massage, manipulation, ultrasound, electrotherapy and medical acupuncture. Many sports people who visit our clinics, from amateurs to top professionals, have found that our osteopathic care has led to a significant improvement in their performance and a reduction in the occurrence of injury. Our success and specialism in this area has led Dr Carl Todd to become the osteopath to the England men’s football team and Chelsea Football Club, carrying out consultancy work for players both in the Premiership and internationally.

Physiotherapy can help prevent injuries. Our professional physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. They work in partnership with patients, assisting them to overcome physical disorders, which may have arisen from either an accident, an underlying medical condition, spinal problems, arthritis, a developmental disability, sports injuries or simply the stress of our busy lives. Most importantly they can help improve strength and mobility in the right muscles and joints, helping to prevent other areas from becoming injured as a result of over, or misuse.

Carl Todd Clinics

You don’t have to wait until you are injured, to seek the services of a good osteopath! The desire to stay injury free, improve mobility or build strength are just the sort of things that osteopathy can help with. The same goes for many of our other services, they are highly effective for keeping you in tip-top condition!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help improve your health and wellbeing, and reduce the risk of future injuries, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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