“As professional osteopaths and physiotherapists, nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our work make a positive difference to the lives of the people we treat to help them overcome pain. Some of the many kind testimonials and comments we’ve received from a wide range of people we’ve helped, and continue to work, with are shown below.”

While working with Carl as part of the England team’s medical staff my back was always pain free. I’d have no hesitation recommending him as an excellent osteopath and true professional.

David Beckham

I have known Carl since 2005 through the England team and Chelsea FC. I can honestly say that his integrated clinical approach for assessment, examination, treatment and management is one of the most thorough that I have ever experienced. Carl is a real professional, extremely knowledgeable, kind and sincere with unquestionable integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Frank Lampard, Chelsea FC and England

I have had the pleasure to work with Carl over the past few years both at Chelsea FC and the England national team. As a professional player, I am extremely appreciative of his continual care and support towards my performance management. A true professional, I find Carl clinical yet sincere with his treatment style and approach, and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone in need of osteopathic treatment.”

John Terry

Carl has spent many years working at the highest level in professional sport. His unique course is a blend of manual therapy and the latest evidence based rehabilitation delivered with great skill and passion. This course is suitable for patients from all walks of life, whether they are elite athletes or the elderly. His courses are a must for all manual therapists!

Clive Lathey

Having worked with Carl Todd for many years on international duty, I have always been duly impressed by the results of his treatment and management of players.

Steve Lyons MSc DPodM, Podiatrist to Manchester United and England

A friend recommended The Carl Todd Clinic to me as I was suffering from repetitive migraines, which prevented me from doing anything.  Making that first appointment was one of the best decisions I have made, I was absolutely amazed at how much better I felt. Melanie is a true professional, making me feel at ease during every session, while helping me to understand what was causing my pain. I will always recommend The Carl Todd Clinic to anybody. Thank you so much Mel.

Sally Midwinter

My daughter made an appointment for me to see Marin and I’m so glad she did. He was very personable, explained to me in layman’s terms why I was experiencing the pain I had, the workings of the body as a whole and what I could do to help myself with daily exercises.  I did not feel rushed at any time, and felt I was being treated as an individual not just a dollar sign. In my opinion I believe Marin is a wonderful ambassador for your clinic, so thank you Marin.

Jenny – Swindon

Pilates was recommended to me by my osteopath to help strengthen and stabilise my back. I started attending Pilates classes with Sam and it has made a huge difference to my health and physical confidence. I feel much stronger now which has definitely helped me to protect my back. Pilates? I wouldn’t be without it!

Lynn H

I had been struggling with a groin injury for the latter part of the season when someone recommended that I see Carl Todd for a second opinion. Within two treatments there was a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility. Thank you for all your help.

Josh Bennett, Ireland Under 18s and Gloucester Rugby Club

Perhaps one of the best Osteopathic lectures I have had in my life. You are the first Osteopath to assess and treat hypomobility and hypermobility with specific exercises and control of movement through range. In addition, you integrated Osteopathic principles, research evidence and your experience and expertise as an Osteopath in your approach. In my opinion this explains your professional success.

Alexandre Nunes, Osteopath

Carl has a great knowledge of how the body works and a feeling that you can’t learn from studying. He is the best I ever witnessed and a true professional, which is why I travel the extra mile to get my treatment from him! I would highly recommend him.

Adam Johansson, IFK Göteborg

At 37, I thought my playing days were over, but I was referred to Carl who quickly diagnosed the injury as a long-standing back issue. Carl treated the problem quickly and effectively, resulting in me being able to play again almost immediately with better posture and ease of movement. I would recommend Carl and his clinic to anyone. I’ve already referred some team mates, who have been very impressed with Carl’s professionalism and treatment.

Paul de la Salle

This is an excellent course, with an expert tutor that provides a clinical reasoning and treatment process which can definitely be incorporated into my daily work.  Highly recommended!

Anna Fisher, Physiotherapist

After six weeks of severe low-back pain, as well as numbness and weakness in my leg, from which I could get no diagnosis or relief, it was recommended that I see Carl Todd. He examined me and diagnosed my problem immediately. Unbelievably, after my first treatment I was relieved of the intense pain I had been in.

Colleen Prendergast

Following a few treatments of cranial osteopathy, my three-year-old son has been free of ear infections for almost 12 months and as a result has avoided having grommets. The treatment has been a huge success.

Lisa Legg

Carl is an osteopath to elite athletes and you can see why.   Not only is he first-class medically he is also very approachable with a caring and reassuring manner.   Despite being very busy, he never failed to contact me from afar and offer timely advice.  Saying thank you is an understatement and I would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.

Moya Turrell

After hearing a lot of positive things about cranial osteopathy, we decided to take our 13 week old daughter to see if it would help her. We cannot speak highly enough!
Amanda was great with our daughter before, during and after the treatment. Very professional and friendly, made me feel at ease whilst the treatment was taking place.

Natasha Kelly

I suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury while skiing and was recommended to Carl. His diagnosis was confirmed by an MRI scan, and he arranged for me to see a surgeon. Following surgery I had a period of rehabilitation under the control of Carl, and thanks to him made a full recovery.

Ann Clark

I had become something of a “problem” patient as I had been injured for almost ten years and gone through three operations with severe adverse reactions to cortisone injections and medication. ….After all the ups and downs I had been through I was amazed to find that after only a few treatments with Carl I finally began to make real progress.  I keep having to pinch myself it is true, but I am now well on the way to recovery and enjoying my sport and my life again. 

Moya Turrell