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Swindon - The Courtyard

Looking for a local osteopath or need some treatment for your bad back? Come visit the Carl Todd Clinics here in Swindon.

Carl Todd Clinics - Swindon

Our Swindon clinic was opened in 2003 and then relocated to The Courtyard in South Marston in 2013, as we needed bigger premises. The clinic has three fully equipped treatment rooms with a Pilates/rehabilitation studio located upstairs with parking available on site.

Swindon Clinic Services

We offer a wide range of services at our Swindon clinic from physiotherapy to Pilates and everything in-between. All our practitioners at our Swindon location are highly trained and extremely friendly.

Osteopathy: Osteopathy can treat a range of musculoskeletal problems offering effective pain relief for issues such as back pain, joint pain, headaches & muscular strains. Please take a look below at the various conditions our osteopaths are able to treat.

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Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that helps promote a faster recovery with lasting results. Restoring normal function and movement to the body, which in turn, helps reduce pain levels.

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Shock Wave Therapy: If you have been suffering from tendon pain in your Achilles, knee, elbow, foot or shoulder for a long period of time and haven’t been able to find relief from various forms of treatment, then this innovative type of treatment may be of benefit.

Podiatry: Podiatry assesses and corrects problems arising from the function of the feet. Incorrect movement or function of the foot can not only lead to foot and ankle pain but is often the cause of non-specific knee, back and hip pain.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture can be beneficial on a mental, emotional and physical level. Treatment is focused on specific points along ‘meridians’ of the body where Qi (vital energy) flows. By regulating its flow, the body becomes balanced making acupuncture an effective therapy for wellbeing.

Sports Massage: Sports massage offers a number of benefits both for athletes and for people in everyday life. It can help pain reduction, which is often caused by muscle tension and waste products.

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Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise that offers a different way of thinking about your body. It is highly recommended by healthcare specialists for people with back and neck problems.

Want to book a session at our Swindon clinic? Our number is 01793 978270 or alternatively book an appointment online and select Carl Todd Clinics Swindon as your location.


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