Osteopathy For Children and Babies

Correcting strains early on in life can allow your child to reach and express their full potential as an adult.
Cranial osteopathy is most recognised for the treatment of babies and young children due to it’s gentle approach. Our osteopaths can help to improve and restore the mobility of the cranial bones.

We treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions in children from birth onwards, so please feel free to contact us about any condition your child may have.

Since children are very delicate compared to adults, we adapt our treatment approach to suit the needs of the young body. Our friendly approach and comfortable surroundings help to ensure that both you and your child can feel relaxed about visiting us and confident of achieving the best possible results.

The first appointment will involve taking a full case history, assessment and if appropriate, treatment. If you are bringing in your baby for treatment, you will be asked about your pregnancy and birth and also about the parents’ general health. Although cranial osteopathy does not hurt, from approximately 6 months of age, children are less likely to want to keep still, so it is a good idea to bring in toys (not electronic screens) for distraction, or for older children, to read to them. However, it is possible to treat children sitting or playing.

It’s not unusual for your child to feel a bit ‘out of sorts’ or even sleepy after a treatment. This is a normal reaction as the body is continuing to make adjustments and is a short term feeling, so please don’t be concerned by this.

So what is cranial osteopathy?

It is probably easier to explain what cranial osteopathy is not, as opposed to what it is and how it works. As with structural osteopathy, which doesn’t ‘just deal with bones’, cranial osteopathy is also misnamed as it doesn’t just deal with the head or problems relating to the head. Furthermore, it is not just a head massage; it is far gentler than this. What it also shares with structural osteopathy is its focus on stimulating the body to heal itself by correcting torsions, imbalances and physical compensations.

A light touch is placed on the body, usually starting with the head, base of the spine or tail bone during which the practitioner will feel for small movements and restrictions in the body. Almost undetectable movement is used to work either with or against these restrictions until a change in body tissue is felt. This enables the body to ‘rebalance’ and aim to restore normal movement.

If you would like further information on how we may help your child or baby, then please contact us and one of our osteopaths will be happy to chat with you.

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